Leaders Lean Heavily on Cloud Architecture

A “cloud-first” strategy is one where the organization approaches new projects with the default stance to run them on a hybrid cloud architecture (whether shared or dedicated) unless they find a compelling reason not to. It doesn’t simply mean moving everything to public cloud infrastructure. Leaders are much more likely to adopt this more sophisticated version of a cloud-first strategy than any other group, with Explorers and Laggards highly unlikely to use this approach (see Figure 10).

Percentage of Enterprises with a "Cloud First" Approach

n = 810
Source: IDC's IT Transformation Survey

Enterprises with cloud-first strategies are most likely to prefer a modern private cloud environment in the corporate datacenter or in a service provider’s datacenter that leverages dedicated infrastructure as an architecture. 48% of enterprises seek to host applications on private cloud unless a compelling reason exists to do otherwise, as opposed to 38% whose default preference is to use some form of shared public cloud.

Leaders are also more likely to actively opt for multicloud environments. 97% of all leaders use multicloud environments compared with 30% of laggards (see Figure 11). This fact further illustrates how enterprises with greater digital maturity are much more focused on optimizing workload placement than enterprises with low digital maturity.

Enterprises Using Multicloud Environments

n = 536
Source: IDC's IT Transformation Survey